Fraternity – Soul of Humanity

Swami Vivekananda’s speech at Chicago Parliament of Religions stirred the Western World for the philosophical profundity of each word he chose to utter. But what stays on as a symbol of his discourse are the first five words, “Sisters and

The Making of a Manager

The MBA Batch of 2019-21 is about to graduate soon. The final semester examinations are due and the students shall soon walk into the World of Work. The Boys and Girls in our class of MBA have turned into Gentlemen and Ladies, soon to be

The Promise to Heal

President Elect Joe Biden promised to heal the wounded Nation that revealed embedded fault-lines during a no holds barred; bitterly divided, acrimonious electoral process recently held in United Sates 2020. Deep down, the Americans are

Ready for the New Normal

Recently when the National Education Policy 2020 was announced by the Government of India, we at the KIIT University could see in the Policy a vindication of what our University has already set out in its Vision and has been following for

Song of India

A little girl from North East once asked Dr Kalam an innocent question during his typical Q&A with School children. Dr Kalam has quoted this question many times thereafter as an anecdote to bring home a point to Indian adults. The Qn

Citizen Mukherjee

Former President Pranab Mukherji is no more. From my college days as a student of Political Science, I have followed the career track of the former President who got his first ministerial Berth under PM Indira Gandhi, and ended his career

New Heroes shall emerge

Organizations today are continually challenged by the changing environment to do more and more with less and less resources. Changes under globalisation such as, technological advances, catastrophic crises, frantic competition and