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Complexities of Life

Life is full of struggles. Some people understand this soon enough and some take a long time to realize this truth and learn to deal with it. It is true that “Time waits for none” and in the meantime, we lose our own virtue and personality


For it has been 253 days now,My letterbox lies emptyI still am being optimisticWhen butterflies would run across my stomachWhen would I get remembered certainly?The postman comes once in a whileringing his cycle's bell"Finally I am

Pink and White

Those glimmering feathers Of pink and white Sailing in happiness over the sky Like a ray of hope In spite of the drooping day Is how they frame an effigy! They share an invisible bond The wind so lazy

Secret Santa

He was tall, dark and handsome. But that’s not what made me see him. What attracted me to him was his silence. So quiet. Only his eyes did the talking…if ever there was any talking to be done. But never to me. Oh! How I longed to talk to

The Other Me

When I look back now, I realize exactly where I stood. Pretty much between the devil and the deep blue sea. Getting away wasn’t easy. Making the choice broke me. But I did it anyway. It was the winter of my tenth standard. Cold winds


For the heavens call for usSalvation is the songsame mother, same originShould they sing for usIn the open beam of lightOver the boundless blue skyFrom where we belongIs our mother's lap, so divineThe colossal ball of burning lightThat

Not the same as I do

I don’t know ifThe way I look at the skyIs the same way you look at itI run across the lusty fieldsKissing the peachy skyI lay on the rusty hayTo look at the twittering birds up highI dip my fingers to ripple the waterWhile the kites start

The Two Rivers

As we thus sit here At the confluence Watching these two rivers Flowing into and Out of each other, Will you not let me say How exactly I feel by your side? Hanging next to you Is like being an aerial root Of an old banyan Not seeking the…

Secrets of the Night

Sometimes when I have nothingThen I have those lonely nights with meSometimes when there is no one aroundI have the moon to talk to meSometimes when I have no one to talk toThen the darkness feels my agonySometimes when there is no one to