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Ek aazadi to ye bhi hai, ki hum sab kisi me kaid hai; Humari har dor k ichor kisi ne to tham rakha hai. Ek aazadi to ye bhi hai ki hum sab ne waqt ko khushiyon me kaid rakha hai; Humari har muskurahaton ko kisi ne to yaad rakha hai.

Educate the Girl Child

She is born free But the society tied her with its thoughts so narrow: No education, No schools and No books She belongs to the kitchen only where she can cook. She doesn't need to learn and write . Cause the only thing she has to

Exam Fear

When exams come near, I am full of fear. My tension grows higher, My appetite becomes smaller. I play whole year long, Or just keep singing a song But when exams come near My nerves become numb I cry whole night long, Then

My old man

The tiny wrinkle beside her eye Was struggling to open up As she heard my voice and wished to respond But fate had plans galaxies away From being in our favor. My world began to shatter As I called her name. The wrinkle expanded

Autumn days

Setting fire to the leaves Autumn creeps in Unleashing her new transformation A new season hence begins From being crunched wholly out To the soft waves of air Autumn goes boldly With her bright sunset hair She


An ode to the blinds, That hides all the beaming lights. The beauty we see, The miracles we want still refuse, Everything we get is what we choose. Neither the fate, Nor the thousand mates, That default, But our

Self- Transcendence

Humans constantly endeavor to see a better version of them. Everybody is striving to achieve perfection, and in this process, one comes to know about oneself. Knowing self leads to enlightenment and purifies consciousness. Human beings

Drawing without an Eraser

Whenever we learn to draw something, we make many mistakes, but by listening to our teacher, we rectify those mistakes, and slowly by practicing many times, we learn to draw perfectly. To draw an art without an eraser comes with