Ready for the New Normal

Recently when the National Education Policy 2020 was announced by the Government of India, we at the KIIT University could see in the Policy a vindication of what our University has already set out in its Vision and has been following for many years such as multidisciplinary learning opportunities for students, blended learning technology to develop practical skills aside conceptual knowledge, Integral education like sports and yoga for holistic development of body and mind, inculcation of critical thinking and spirit of entrepreneurship to encourage contributing to the larger society.

The dye is cast for the millennials at KIIT School of Management(KSOM). The MBA Class of 19-21 is steadily acquiring the gears and wears of the New Normal to enter the Post-Covid Corporate World. They are trained in 21st Century skills. They are highly creative, data driven, critical thinkers, problem solvers, adept in analytics and social media communication, and courageous. They have a ‘can-do’ mindset, confident and raring to go and make a difference to their surroundings, be it their family, their workplace or the larger community. The Batch of MBA 19-21, has been groomed well in the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, and trained specifically for the big ‘reset’ of the post-Covid world.

They started their preparation for a managerial career at KSOM in 2019 when the curriculum focussed on how to mange the VUCA (volatitle, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) World, but exactly on the middle of the road, they experienced VUCA in its most devastating form just after a year in the Campus, when Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire world. The Faculty at KSOM switched strategy for ensuring continuity of teaching-learning process. Demonstrating high agility, adapted technology for teaching-learning in virtual mode, and the students experienced live, the strategic management of accelerated change caused by quantum disruption of normal life.

The Class of 2020 has entered the campus of KSOM with the curriculum and pedagogy designed for the Post Covid World. They shall be remembered in the alumni history as the pioneer voyagers, who sailed through the most turbulent waters under the cloud of Covid-19 to reach the promised land – the New Normal. There is no quick fix nor an easy fix for challenges in the New Normal. The struggle and some early setbacks will be normal for them. They have to patient, creative, problem solvers with the mind of a critical thinker, to be the pathfinders in the New Normal. They have he entire resources of 28 schools of the KIIT Universe to cull for support. Eventually they will emerge as the pre-eminent design thinkers of the New Normal

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