Ratha Yatra

The Jagannath Ratha Yatra is one of the most important and biggest festivals of Odisha. Devotees from all around the world reach Puri, Odisha to be a part of this holy festival. Ratha Yatra is celebrated on the second day of “Shukla

Social Media and the World Beyond

These days people are living two lives. One life is their truth that they only show to family members and the other one is what they put out there for everyone else in the world to see. The new trend in our culture, which has been

National Girl Child Day

A girl is considered to be a blessing in most families all over the world. This tradition is highly followed in India where the girls are compared to “Goddess Laxmi” but there is a sad reality associated with it. When we check the country,

MBA- An Engineer’s Perspective

An engineer should do everything that is restricted to his/her academics and can't explore new ideas. After all, "You're an Engineer". A career option that has been given the topmost priority in our Indian society. As soon as a child