MBA- An Engineer’s Perspective

An engineer should do everything that is restricted to his/her academics and can’t explore new ideas. After all, “You’re an Engineer”. A career option that has been given the topmost priority in our Indian society. As soon as a child is born the relatives along with the parents tend to make a notion in their heads that if it’s a girl, she will be “A Doctor ” or if it’s a boy, he has to be “An Engineer”. Thankfully people are changing with time. Their opinions about all this have moved ahead in their lives.

When we think about students, most of them are confused about what to choose as a career option. Students want to study and get settled too. All of this should happen within a short time. Hence, engineering comes to their minds as a first option. Without being biased, I would make one thing very clear this thought doesn’t work for all students but for certain students. They get into this world of engineering and move ahead in their careers. There are students who fall in love with the subjects and determine their life goals but there are certain students who feel they are capable of doing more.

Some students tend to go for a master’s degree soon after their bachelor’s degree gets over. Some students even opt for doing a job, some go for preparation for government services, some choose a career not related to academics, and a lot more options. One day or the other they realize what they actually want to do in life. Somewhere between all this, students also choose management as an option.

Definitely it is big chaos for society and all judgmental comments obstruct our way but in the end, the students get a ray of hope.  Being a manager is a choice that an engineer chooses after his/her graduation. They want to explore both technical and non-technical aspects of joining a corporate. 

MBA is not just a postgraduate degree that can be completed with books only. A person needs to be an extrovert, outgoing, and should have an in-depth knowledge about the industry he/she wants to work with. Along with theory, practical examples are required to be understood by the student. When a company comes to hire an MBA student, the company looks into each and every component of knowledge gained by the student. They focus on the core knowledge of the subjects as well as the industry knowledge of the student. When it comes to an engineer, they also look for some technical knowledge too. Students often make a mistake and ignore the core concepts of their domain, but the smart ones always find their way out.

Exploring the managerial side of an engineer is done by choice not by force. Being a manager and handling other people is not a small deal. Though it seems that MBAs are highly paid but this doesn’t happen overnight. A student’s hard work and dedication makes him/her a good manager. Though belonging to a technical background, even Engineers can be effective managers too with the right attitude and skills.

Being an effective manager is more important than being a successful manager. 

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