The First Step to know An Organization

“Human Resource Management” these words comprise a huge meaning in the world of management. People often tend to think it’s an easy job and students opt for this subject as a specialization to pass their examinations without any difficulty and later do a job where they only have to keep sending emails to the employees and talk about their salaries and leaves. In reality, it is a completely different scenario. It’s one of the toughest jobs in the world. Not everyone in this world possesses the talent to understand people, assess their strengths and weakness, and choose them for a company. If something is wrong with an employee or if an employee does something which is against the policies of the organization, it is often seen that the blame goes to HR first. It is described as the lack of his/her assessment, the employee was recruited in the first place and later was a liability on the company.

There are a lot of responsibilities of an HR manager. Starting from the process of recruitment, document verification, personality development, interpersonal relationships between employees, managers, and official staff, managing the decisions taken by the senior authorities and conveying it to the staff without causing any issues in between the employees, controlling the disputes between the staff and employees, planning and coordinating the administrative functions of the organization, taking care of the grievances of the staff and employees and finding a solution for the same, formatting performance appraisal, employee benefits management, developing public relations and many more.

As seen the roles are huge in number and there is one person to complete them all without any mistakes. If a mistake is done by him/her the first person to be fired from the organization is the HR manager. From the roles themselves, it can be depicted that a company or an organization cannot run without an HR manager. These roles might be non-technical but the person playing these roles is required to be an expert in the field.

For a person to learn the skills and knowledge of an HR manager needs to understand the basic subject of human resource management. The theoretical implementation of the subject is not as vital as the practical implementation of the subject. This can be achieved by taking various case studies and their discussions, having these discussions among various students, improving one’s communication skills, interacting with diverse groups of people, keeping oneself updated with the current affairs, and a lot more to add on. These skills require a decent amount of time, hard work, dedication and can’t be achieved overnight.

When an employee is recruited through a proper selection method and is assigned the job which makes the person comfortable, the chances of him/her leaving the organization also decrease which prohibits any loss to an organization. An effective HR manager leads to higher profits and helps in the better performance of the organization due to which the chances of growth of the organization also increases along with that it boosts the industrial development and improves the economy of the country.

“An organization runs because of its employees and HR is the one who hires them.

At the end of the day, to win the market, the company first needs to win its workplace.”

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