Social Media and the World Beyond

These days people are living two lives. One life is their truth that they only show to family members and the other one is what they put out there for everyone else in the world to see.

The new trend in our culture, which has been present for about six years now, can be seen most prominently on profiles and handles such as Twitter or Facebook. People are forced to maintain an alternate persona that they display publicly merely so their family members do not judge them differently than those around them. This creates a duality between what we tell ourselves to have integrity concerning who we’re trying hard enough not to offend versus how much better it would feel if there were no consequences at all because this way you don’t have any obligation toward anyone else but yourself!

As the world becomes more connected than ever before, we have also become more obsessed with what other people are posting online. The problem is not just addiction but compulsion as well — this obsession leads many of us down rabbit holes where our lives only revolve around social media profiles instead of developing healthy relationships in real life or pursuing education/entertainment outside these platforms.

Not all aspects of Social Media and the Internet create chaos in a person’s life. If we consider this pandemic, it has made the life of students easier. None of the students had to discontinue their classes or their path of learning. This holds for the job seekers too. Though it became difficult to find jobs during the pandemic, the people who were working or the job seekers did find a keep working and earning. The businesses did choose digital marketing and delivery option which was only possible through Social Media. This also helped them to maintain their businesses.

In the same social media, we also saw a woman falsely accusing a delivery man of harassment for the delay of food products. People did think she was right at first but as soon as the truth came out, people understood the reality.

We can enjoy the gift of technology but we can certainly keep that under control. This will not only save us from being someone else but also make us more active and optimistic towards life.

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