National Girl Child Day

A girl is considered to be a blessing in most families all over the world. This tradition is highly followed in India where the girls are compared to “Goddess Laxmi” but there is a sad reality associated with it. When we check the country, which has the highest number of female foeticides, our country’s name shows up. No matter how progressive we become these parameters let us down in front of the entire world.

When a girl grows up she faces different kinds of challenges from various sources of our society. Starting with her skin color, her clothes, her conversations, her education, her peer activities, her style of walking, talking, interacting, etc., everything has been questioned or objectified by one or the other. There is always a question or a comment attached to all these parameters. Our country is not only famous for the female foeticides but also the increasing number of child abuse, women abuse, physical violence, domestic violence, rape cases, and marital rape cases too. The list goes on but finding a permanent solution to all this is still a dream for all of us.

No one asks a couple to plan a child and then end its life just because it is a girl, the people follow this because of their orthodox mindsets and old traditions which have no value in today’s world. They consider girls to be a burden on their family and hence they decide to end her life. With time women have proved these traditions wrong and have established many things in life. They have made their own identity and have shown the world that they are no less when compared to the other genders.

Despite everything, a woman does in her life her accomplishments are not taken up seriously and there is a lot of discrimination when it comes to their workplaces, education, and equal rights. People say women are unbound and can take their decisions on their own. They can do everything equivalent to a man and the country’s law gives them a lot of privileges too. It does happen to women but not all women. The National Girl Child Day is celebrated to bring awareness amongst the women and citizens about the rights of girls and highlight the inequalities these girls and women face in their lives.

We are millennials. With changing time our thoughts are changing too. We believe in equality and hence respect and care for all genders. With a discussion of Feminism, we do spread the awareness of equal rights for all, Empowering women and girls to change the stereotypes, set an example for future generations, and Promoting the importance of education for all females of the country.

Today we proudly celebrate “National Girl Child Day” and wish all the beautiful girls and women a bright and successful life ahead. Beating all odds of society, becoming an independent person, and proving the quote “Equality stands for all”.  

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