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Exam Fear

When exams come near, I am full of fear. My tension grows higher, My appetite becomes smaller. I play whole year long, Or just keep singing a song But when exams come near My nerves become numb I cry whole night long, Then

My old man

The tiny wrinkle beside her eye Was struggling to open up As she heard my voice and wished to respond But fate had plans galaxies away From being in our favor. My world began to shatter As I called her name. The wrinkle expanded

The Code and the Notes

Sometimes, I ask,What's the point, what's the reason?And what I answer depends on the seasonIn winter it's warmth, and in summer it's joy.But there is this thing that I keep coming back toMy whole life this one thing was true. With the

The Light

Darkness is what I see, all over around me;Not even a speck of light is there to help me… But I need light to see,to win this fight…Against odds, against sorrow,against fear, against evil,against ‘The Devil’!I am all alone herefighting


The shade that doesn't shed,the bond that never fades,I wish to revert back,back to the walks,walks with laughter andtall talks,stormy showers to delightful drizzles,yet never stopped the giggles.the wheels of time,that's neither thine nor

The Symphony of Silence

I long for a real silence, real and deep,the type one can probably only imagine,the type you can’t find, but stumble upon.In a cavern, or deep down a reef,high in the mountains, in its deep steeps,or probably, a ship abandoned ages ago,or

Old Soul

The colour crimson, the sky strokes,beyond the plumes of smoke,do you adore the light huethat shies away from the darkyet brings you the mornings anew?Do you listen to the silence ofthe benign blue, that lie defenseless,covering the


It’s strange how even when I do nothing all day,I feel the need to unwind in some way!!Is this exhaustion or just a mental state?Because when the day goes on, it’s for night that I wait.Is it tranquility or peace of that hour?Or is silence