I wait to Tie My Lace: A Poem for Everyone

The endless wait out of the pandemic

I wait to tie my lace
Share breaths with someone
Drive to a mart, fill a real cart
Loaded with eggs
And my girl’s laughing legs
I wait to breach the front door
And get on the bloody road
Show my face underneath
Make the distance ‘social’ again
And hug someone I don’t live with.

I am done with the numbers
Dancing on the hills and the bars
The guilty comfort with death
The tiring waits for hope
Talks of life, sermons on health
The grocery at the door
Smells of perfumed Alcohol
The Amazons on the floor
The moving shadows of the walls
The sun’s hides and plays
Only through the windows
And the staring stars of pixels
On my aglow, unblinking face.

All I want is to just go out
Eat, drink and fight again
In the backseat of a friend’s car
In the dim senselessness of a bar
Lift my daughter and toss her to school
Take my caged son
To a bend in the swirling river
And return to him his days
With every splash of his feet
Touching together the unwitnessed spreads
Of the trees’ hands
The unseen leaves, unbreathed airs
The smell of unpressed earth
Wrapped under fallen flowers.

I wait to curse that biker on the road
And stare endlessly from a plane’s hole
See the washed earth, mushy and green
And put on the musty trousers
To an office meeting.
I await a day to walk on my bones
Far from screens, away from phones
A day without a roof on my head
To run to a clearing
Where the sun has bled
To the smell the unmasked air
The song of wind knitting my hair
To bump into life at a corner on the road
At a joint, a stall under a board
I wait for the day
With a happiness worth crying
A day
With a life worth dying.

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  1. Sugato Tripathy says

    so relatable and such wonderfully written

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