Educate the Girl Child

She is born free

But the society tied her with its thoughts so narrow: No education, No schools and No books

She belongs to the kitchen only where she can cook. She doesn’t need to learn and write .

Cause the only thing she has to do is get married in her life.She is born free

Not to only serve  coffee  and  tea

She has the ability and strength to touch the sky. Don’t hold her back ,give her wings to fly.

She is caring,brave,clam and kind. She plays every role perfectly.

Being a daughter,a mother or a sister

She got ways to solve all the difficult matters. She has a very sharp and powerful mind.

Please! Educate the girl child.

She is born free

Let her learn the one ,two,three…

She is smart in her attitude and gentle in her heart. She can establish a better society if she gets to study. She can be anything a homemaker,a soldier, a lawyer. So don’t make her hide .

Please! Educate the girl child.

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