A Collection of Short Poems

1. Poem inspired by Coldplay song line “A head full of dreams”I landed into a world

where, I’m as free as ocean 

life is without any notion

a world with no discrimination 

I got a head full of dreams!

with no need of money

I’m as happy as bunny

where, people help each other in trouble

love is not as fragile as bubble.

Oh! I got a head full of dreams!

say, it’ true

I can do whatever I want 

nobody is there to watch 

nobody is there to judge 

where, we’re away from grudge

Oh! I got a head full of dreams!

it’s not a place like Italy or Greece 

It’s just a land of harmony and peace

Now, the dream is broken and I am awake.

hoping this to be the future for humanity’s sake.

Oh! My head, a head full of dreams!

2. Do you believe in God? 

I don’t believe in god

so don’t you say that

god is real

god resides

in people, plant, animals, air, water, hills, sky

we believe

there is no place called heaven or hell

though we know that

killing animals

cutting trees

hurting people

things we do for survival

we wouldn’t do 

if we believed that

god exists.

(Now read it bottom to top)

3. A girl on my canvas 

I splash 

some colours 

on my canvas 

and raise 

a fine stroke

from around her eyes 

and watch her 

shining brown eyes 

lighting up 

with a bright smile 

on her face

my fingers try to 

tuck her long black hair 

behind her ears 

with few strokes erased 

here and there

as the sunlight falls 

on her face 

she dazzeles like a 

rainbow after the rain

as I paint, as I blend

some shades

on my canvas.

4. Let’s create our own society

in some other world where

no one could watch us

no one could suppress our thoughts

no one could judge our worth

where I can come alone

and go alone from

after all, I am a girl.

I can’t come to this earth all alone.

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