The April Festival

April Sunshine
Oh April wind !
Will you blow my fetters off?
And take me high up to the sky?
I would paint it with the colour of spring
And blend it with my vibrant soul
They call it the yellow festival
And I call it the April festival
Under the sailing new born leaves
Would I sing my songs of spring
I would fancily tuck in the orange flower
Right at the centre of my hair bun
And a silver nose pin to go with it?
Would I look like one of those April sunshines?
Would blow a kiss to the walking sun
And soak my feet in the tendre green grass
Till the nestling birds would sing in chorous
The april wind of the april sunshine?
How slowly the little buttercups unfold
With pink green and vermilion dropping its due
Of April colours and glamorous hue
Open the windows and rush out to the sun
Lets walk the shady paths
of the bursting pink bougainvillae
The April sun inviting us
To sing the melody
Of the thousand blended notes
Let the birds sing to me again
With the sweet smell surrounding every lane
For I would write a spring story
Of the blooming April and its glory?

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