The current pandemic has struck us with the realization that nothing lasts forever, no abilities, no weaknesses, frankly. But no problems, no risks either. Organizationally nothing lasts either-no systems, no processes, and no mechanisms. We live in a world where the future cannot be predicted by any gurus or prophets.

Krishna is the one on the battlefield which enables, motivates, and guides. That is the role HR has to play in these times. There are no promises, however, as in the Mahabharata, and no obligations. Although the pandemic may have an expiry date, no one knows how long and what the effect might be. Every single day is a new day. Decisions will be changed, payrolls will also change, and this will happen every day.

Here are the main guidelines for managing this area of the battlefield:

Embrace unpredictability: Just like Ram when he was about to be crowned king, and he was suddenly sent to the forest for 14 years without any previous communication!

Embrace vulnerability: Not knowing

 is OK; changing a stand is Okay. Every day the facts change, so too will the decisions.

Manage the extremes in a continuum: Be like Arjun and create focus as well as perspective. Pre-COVID19, the leaders needed perspectives, while emphasis at the front line was needed. We need both today.

Happily, … But Not Ever After The hand (karma), the heart (bhakti), and the head (Gyan), they do not work independently together. The hand is the do, the practice, which operates through the why (perspective) and how (focus). The second dimension is about matching our emotions with the action. Targeting the emotion of fear and anxiety explicitly and be mindful of the fear and insecurity when doing so. The final element, the head, the intellect only comes last, for a particular job once we have clarity and have taken care of the emotions.

In 2020, the world would need more “generosity”. The ability to pay forward, the ability to maintain partnerships even when it is hard. Generosity begins with shareholders and boards and is not only translated into but decisions as well as how decisions are executed. You can break a deal, but a relationship doesn’t break.

“Do everything you have to do, but not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with love, compassion, humility, and devotion.” – Lord Krishna

  1. Sarthak Mohanty says

    Good analysis and we’ll written ! 😊


    Superbly written

  3. Bobby says

    This is your best write-up so far! Loved it.

    1. Rupan Paul says

      Good thoughts!

  4. IPSITA DASH says

    Well narrated by the writer.
    Future was always uncertain as we all heard bt this situation made us realize that we are living actually in an uncertain world.

  5. Siddahswar Rej says

    Nice analysis and projection.

  6. Lord Krishna says

    God is watching you.

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