Originating from Rajasthan, "KATHPUTLI" is a form of string puppetry. It ranks amongst one of the best puppetries in the World. Kathputli actually is the combination of two Rajasthani words - "Kath" means wood and "Putli" means

The April Festival

April SunshineOh April wind !Will you blow my fetters off?And take me high up to the sky?I would paint it with the colour of springAnd blend it with my vibrant soulThey call it the yellow festivalAnd I call it the April festivalUnder the

Cherry Blossoms

One early December afternoonWhen I was strollingunder the mellow winter sunlightMy eyes caught uponA pink beauty, so heavenly, so divineI saw the worldRolling under the falling blossomsOf the cherry blossom tree Distinctively


For it has been 253 days now,My letterbox lies emptyI still am being optimisticWhen butterflies would run across my stomachWhen would I get remembered certainly?The postman comes once in a whileringing his cycle's bell"Finally I am

Pink and White

Those glimmering feathers Of pink and white Sailing in happiness over the sky Like a ray of hope In spite of the drooping day Is how they frame an effigy! They share an invisible bond The wind so lazy


For the heavens call for usSalvation is the songsame mother, same originShould they sing for usIn the open beam of lightOver the boundless blue skyFrom where we belongIs our mother's lap, so divineThe colossal ball of burning lightThat

Not the same as I do

I don’t know ifThe way I look at the skyIs the same way you look at itI run across the lusty fieldsKissing the peachy skyI lay on the rusty hayTo look at the twittering birds up highI dip my fingers to ripple the waterWhile the kites start

Secrets of the Night

Sometimes when I have nothingThen I have those lonely nights with meSometimes when there is no one aroundI have the moon to talk to meSometimes when I have no one to talk toThen the darkness feels my agonySometimes when there is no one to

My Farewell Note

The ticking clockAnd the beating heartIn the most redundant hallucinationInto the world of unknownWhich has my only knownTime sways byAnd my heart sheaths inmemories fill inInto droplets that tickleDown the bottleneck Hazy lines I