Looking forward to learn and unlearn from KSOM

There was a girl born in a city and brought up in a remote village as her teenage parents could not sustain her in the city.  Growing up without biological parents can be quite traumatic for the children. The girl child, without biological parents to look after her, was looked down upon in the community and abused at times. But she was quiet because she was told that girls are homemakers, not wreckers. She grew up and started going to school. Education helped her to understand things differently. She understood that she deserves respect like any other human being. She is not an object and cannot be made as a scapegoat due to her situation and poverty. She need not have to get married as soon as she reaches puberty.

This is the beginning of my story and not the end.  

I realized the need for higher education to realize my full potential so that I can be loved and welcomed in my community like any other respected individual. Now as an independent 21-year-old girl paying her own bills in the city and looking for ways to see me through college because I refuse to be a victim of child marriage.No one goes to a good university without impressive background, which I do not have. Welcome to adulthood. After a lot of effort and prayers, I got selected for the SII scholarship. 

This is the beginning of my fight and not the end.  

Now I have to complete school assignments, cope with schedule misalignments, under the lurking fear of falling behind the classwork and attendance. I need to balance online classes and sleep due to time zone differences like an acrobat balancing knives on her hand. Having stayed in the community for 4 years without school now I am a BBA student at KIIT School of Management.  Accounting subject hits me left, business computing hits me right. Oh! my background in science won’t help.  Well, I have a tip for myself. I got to take the knife by the grip and hold on tightly.

I must accept to learn and unlearn. I have to develop an interest in subjects and manage to have better grades. But my bills and work are calling. It is time to own this up and get this degree while working.

This is the beginning of my journey and not the end.

  1. Leokeira says

    Keep fighting until you get where you want to be.You are fighter and your effort reflect that and I have learn that being successful doesn’t mean you have to be born with a silver spoon it takes zeal and willingness to fight against all odds

  2. Shruti Paul says

    Appreciation to your work lady. Keep growing and glowing ❤️

  3. Barsarani Panigrahi says

    Nice article Sir

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