Winter and campus life

Get ready for a badminton wonderland as winter transforms our campus!

Imagine bundled-up students dashing across the courts, their breath forming miniature clouds. ️

The air will be chilly, but the energy hotter than a birdie on fire!

Join the symphony of thwacking shuttlecocks, conducted by talented athletes.

Even when the weather’s cold, the spirit of competition and friendship burns bright.

Ditch hibernation and grab your racket!

Test your skills, make new friends, and prove that nothing can stop the soaring college spirit.

Let’s embrace the winter chill and campus life!


  1. Sugato says

    nice one.

  2. Bhawanshu says

    Well done.

  3. Pragnya says

    Very well written.

  4. Abhilasha says


  5. Vatsala says


  6. Abhishek Sharma says

    Well done

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