Hello, myself an ordinary woman with not-so-ordinary thoughts…

Here I would like to pen up some of my thoughts towards society and its women.

Be it mythology or history, starting from “DRAUPADI”, the queen of queens who justified her title by not giving in to the insults thrown at her by the patriarchs but had a strong heart and value education to fight against such atrocities of the society and cause the “great battle of Mahabharata”

It was her determination that she deserved no less, made her the epitome of beauty with pride in all the times to come.

“SITA” who loved unconditionally without any barriers was thrown into the pyre by her beloved husband after being abducted by the king Raavan. Though her love was selfless and dutiful yet when the time came she taught the world the courage to say “NO” also when to STOP. She finally chose her self-respect over her love and showed us that self-esteem is more important than love.

Coming to history, “RANI LAXMI BAI” the queen of Jhansi and a valiant warrior was faced with many challenges at her early age including losing her family and state. Yet her determination was not to be broken, where she fought bravely with the foreign rulers with minimum ammunition, not paying any attention to the world who judges women to limited possibilities in this world of patriarchy.

There are many such valiant women in our society who not only fought the household battles but have also time and again gave the world and its women the message to stand up for their own right, because when the time comes no man will stand up for you. It is your battle, to conquer with your self-determination.

To all the women out there, here I say



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