Why KIIT is the Best Place to Work?

It has been close to 9 years now for me in KSOM, KIIT DU. I had my apprehensions while moving from the corporate world to the education industry. I was aware of the politics and hypocrisy that exists in most of the corporate environment. I was pleasantly surprised when I joined KIIT School of Management. My colleagues were one of the warmest and most welcoming people I had ever met in my erstwhile corporate stint.

Right from Hon’ble Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta Sir and other top dignitaries till the cleaning staff in my school, the camaraderie of the place is overwhelming. As days passed by, I never felt like coming to work here. Instead it felt like leaving one family and going to the other. Even during this pandemic time, we were constantly in touch with each other virtually.

Empowerment and autonomy is critical in education industry. Too many guidelines and micromanagement ruins the creative thought process. Here at KIIT DU, each school and its faculty have the liberty to take decisions which are in the best interest of the students. This makes working here a new exciting challenge every day.

I remember working in a corner cubicle during my stint in the corporate. The only thing I could see was the desktop and the furniture around me. Today in my workplace we have separate cabins for each faculty. When I open the window of my cabin, I see a beautiful sprawling campus. Branches of the trees in ‘Kunjaban’ (each garden has its name here in KIIT DU) sway right outside my window. Many times I get some sweet avian disturbance as well. Apart from being a spectacular green campus with ubiquitous blooming flowers, the infrastructure here is World class as well.  The classrooms, the corridors, the foot bridges, the open air amphitheaters, the cobbled pathways, the swimming pools and beautiful parks makes KSOM a wonderful place to work.

Another thing is the pride that I feel while working here. It is for three reasons: One is because of the association with a top ranked institute in India. KIIT School of Management is ranked 31 as per NIRF, MoE, India (2021).  The second reason is the exemplary philanthropic work of our Founder – Hon’ble Dr. Achyuta Samanta. Following his footsteps in terms of societal wellbeing and his philosophy of ‘Eradication of Poverty through Education’ gives me immense pleasure and pride in being part of this University. The third reason is because of my state Odisha. KIIT DU has been instrumental in portraying Odisha in the World Map. Students from all over India and more than 60 countries study here. I always feel elated to share with my friends and relatives about Odisha with respect to the impeccable achievement of KIIT DU and its Founder over the years.

Lastly I would like to put down a special mention about the unique Mentor Mentee system. This concept, a brainchild of our Hon’ble Founder is one of its kind in the country. Here every student is connected to Mentor (Faculty) and has the liberty to share any issues under the sun with the concerned mentor. Not only the Mentor Mentee develops a special bond during the student’s stint at the University, but the relationship stays on for life.

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