Burnt dreams

The scorching sun, you cannot tolerate
How dare you,
To make me bathe in corrosive flame?
Such sacred was your love
I overlooked the sanctity
Now that I am scarred for life
I admit my mistake.
Now would you hold me in your arms?
Would you caress my face?
The face that has lost its slightest trace!
The face behind the scarf now I keep
How irony is that they say beauty is skin deep?

The gift of love I have got
Burnt face, charred dreams
And the life of curse.
With every surgery, I remember you
My identity will be attached
To your corrosive name
I know
Nothing will ever make me the same
I hope someday
The dream I am longing for
My tears would convert into the elixir
That would heal my wounds
And would give me back my life
Life, where I can hold
My head high without any fear  

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