Don’t Stare at Me

I wheel on a wheelchairAnd that's only what you careIn my eyes but you don't seeWhich constantly saysDON'T STARE AT ME… I walk with the help of white stickThe silent comment you passYou don't know how hard it pricksMy only crime is that

Struggle for light

And another morningI wish never to comeNever-ending insomniac nightsThen again rises the sunThe first ray of lightThat enters my eyeEither is a hopeOr is bidding me lastAnd sweetest goodbye...The battlefieldIs what I fearThe struggle for


Have you ever feltPitch darkness?If not,Then close your eyesYou get suffocatedRight?Now open your eyelidsFeel the rays of lightHow good it feelsTo be blessed with sight... If it didn’t strikeLet me introduce youTo some livesA little boy

Burnt dreams

The scorching sun, you cannot tolerateHow dare you,To make me bathe in corrosive flame?Such sacred was your loveI overlooked the sanctityNow that I am scarred for lifeI admit my mistake.Now would you hold me in your arms?Would you caress


She was a painter She never knew Fake smiles were her colors Pains were her shades With brushes of mixed emotions She painted herself... She was a canvas Waiting for random strokes Of her favorite colors; Scarlet and blue She closed