I made the Right Choice

It has been nearly one year of my staying in India, during all these times I have visited many people, different places and got many experiences which of course the most important ones are within the KSOM campus.

First of all it’s worth saying I am very happy to educate in one of the top ranked management schools in India.

I want to share some of my experiences during my educational journey in KIIT university, let me start with my classmates who were the first people I started to communicate and interact with, within the campus. At first I was not sure about how will I get to engage with them or how will their behaviour will be with me, as it was my first time traveling to India, but from the first day till now I have found them very friendly and helpful. Having friends from different nationalities and cultures, itself is a learning process and creates a motivational sense which helps to study and go on confidently.

The staff and faculty members in campus are very kind, all of them are experts and professionals and the most important, they are available and there for you whatever problem you have. Every student has a mentor who is always in touch with her/his, as mine is Prof. Saptorshi Das, one of the kindest and helpful person as well as one of the most respected personalities who has always wanted the bests for her students.

The teaching-learning method in KSOM is very organized, there are many activities for improving student’s skills and knowledge such as: Student-centered strategy, presentations, quizzes, projects, class team works, non-class programs(Debates, seminars etc.), social programs(KIITfest, Kolosium, sport tournaments etc.). Examinations and the results announcement process is very clear and facilitated. One of the biggest differences I have recognized in KSOM so far is focusing on library and mental health(Yoga) along with regular subject classes which I had not seen in universities I visited before.

Generally it has been a very unique experience for me so far to educate in a foreign country with different educational system and in a foreign language which was also a big challenge for me at first, to adopt. Along with my class lessons, I have learned about the different cultures of India and festivals people celebrate in here. I am planning to do my MBA program after three years of BBA and hopefully return to my country with a hand full of knowledge and experiences.

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