she paid a visit

To my cozy warm balcony 

For days so far 

She peeped and peeped

And made a swift retreat  

But today shall I say it’s a visual treat? 

Through my painted glass window 

silently she leaped

Over the friendly blossoms

Gently she creeped

Entangled in the fragrance 

Oozed by those tiny white jasmines

Quietly in it she seeped

Scattering her silvers

Like a resplendent silver stole

In and out she diligently and diligently dipped

The fresh blossoms now 

Crowned her their new queen

Enlightened is my tiny balcony 

With their sweet ticklish giggles.

Reverberating like an endless cacophony 

Of lost childish Riddles

Cheerfully they play ringa ringa roses.

Doused in the impish sweet redolence 

The Lillies swayed and swayed

Offering their queen a welcoming song

As Hide-n-seek for long they played

Following the wind beats the petunias sing

The queen delightfully dances with her new nose ring.

With all her silvers 

She bathed me in

Like glimmering white pearls 

Twirling upon my skin

“Oh, my sterling queen where had you been?” 

I asked touching her new nose ring.

The queen so shy eloped in a wink 

To the laps of the feathery grey clouds

Staring at me with a sly grin

Frequently peeping in and out

I smiled back saying 

“OK my darling I lose and you win”

While the darkness of the night 

grasping me tight

It’s time that I wish her

A merry goodnight.

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  1. SNMisra says

    Very nice

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