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National Girl Child Day

A girl is considered to be a blessing in most families all over the world. This tradition is highly followed in India where the girls are compared to “Goddess Laxmi” but there is a sad reality associated with it. When we check the country,


The terrace top we played in,the old verandah we drooled upon,the corridors we ran about,and the touch of our grandparents in that big lively house,are now just a memory…though happy ones,but still a memory… This is the visaged truth of


If my younger self could see me today She would be so proud of the person I’ve turned into. She would hear all the things I have to say, She would be happy to know How many dreams I’ve accomplished even when I didn’t think I


September 4th, 2020. It was just 6 months since we knew what COVID 19 is all about. Nobody knew about it and of course nobody knows about how harsh it is, until you get through it. So 6 months after our COVID 19 break from college, a

Parallel Hell

Hell! We are all familiar with this word. We have often heard this and used somewhere down the line in our lives. Well what is this “Hell”? In religion and folklore, Hell is an afterlife location in which evil souls are subjected to

World Peace Day

“Peace”. The word itself comprises the desire that each and every person in this world has and wants it to get fulfilled one day. It might sound very common and is taken for granted by many people stating that it’s just a term and


Unpleasant memories leave a bitter aftertaste. Especially those that bring a lot of pain and suffering and leave you in a trauma for life. I was one of those unfortunate ones to have gone through circumstances that were so ugly and

Realising our Inner Biases!

As the attacker has taken a deep rooted hearth for itself and embarked into the arena of our personal space ruling mankind under the rage of fear, trauma, anguish; it’s become really essential to arouse our inner biases sleeping inside us.