2020, the year of Rat, which made us live like rats in the name of “SELF QUARANTINE,” was enough to weaken our bones and paralyze us from head to toe. But Nah, not in my case. I decided to give my slackened, lazy and passive afternoons a tough time and make the best out of myself.

My thirst to know about Beauty and Skincare had always been eternal, and thus on one fine afternoon I decide to quench m, I decided to quench my thirst and f Digital Marketing. The year 2020, on the one hand, was allowing me to build my career around Digitalization and, on the other hand, was creating a stricter situation for me due to a lack of resources. Things mugged up a lot when I tested positive for Covid-19, but could it stop me from being me? The answer was a big NO. I recovered, and with the help of my pre-existing Instagram Account, I used my idle hour to get my hands on my passion for a significant change. I started from scratch, taking myself from 728 followers and Zero Knowledge about Influencer Marketing to 11.3k followers with more than 200+ brand collaborations and face recognitions on various top-notch Beauty and Skincare Brands’ Official Pages.

So, was it a smooth journey? Nothing comes without hard work and dedication, and as it is said, “When Passion Meets Profession” is a deadly duo that clicked for me. Like newbies, I was no different and quite confused in assembling my thoughts on how to make it work. Slowly and steadily, I started gathering knowledge by following up on the content uploaded by prominent creators. All of those taught me how to shoot videos, how to edit them, which type of lighting to use, which music to choose, and what not. Then came the big decision I had to take for myself: which Genre to choose among Travelling, Food, Beauty, Skincare, or Books. But as I told you, I was evident about what to do; making a decision was quick. Now came the second big thing, Brand collaboration, and let me tell you, back then, Instagram was not booming as today, and I, as a creator, had very dainty expertise.

I started by approaching small businesses and promoting them through Barter Collaborations, which benefited both pages’ growth. By the time I reached 3,000 followers, I knew “the better the content, the greater it reaches.” I started saving up to buy myself a backdrop and a ring light, and when I finally got my hands on them, there was no looking back from then.

One year down the lane, with my hard work, Inquiring mind, and of course, highly supportive parents and friends, I bagged Collaborations from international beauty and skincare brands, namely “MAYBELLINE NEW YORK, SUGAR Cosmetics, GARNIER, L’Oréal, Tres Emme and a lot more followed by facial recognition on Brands official Instagram Pages. By the end of 2021, I was able to make myself and my parents proud when I signed an annual contract with MyGLAMM, a leading beauty brand in India. Soon, to my pleasant surprise, I was officially recognized as a professional Digital creator by Instagram; invitation for the Born on Instagram Family, an Appreciation Letter, and a Memento from Instagram with my lG handle named “@miss-merize ” inscribed on it.

 My Love and Gratitude towards every person who helped me on my journey could never be just penned down. It’s immense and inspiring, and inexpressible.

Before coming to an end, this one is for all of you. If this girl with no proficiency in Social Media Marketing could do what she dreamt of, anyone can. Never end your thirst, cling to it, crave for it; you lose doesn’t matter. Rise and achieve it.

                                          BE THRISTY, THI RSTYOU MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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