Cherry Blossoms

One early December afternoon
When I was strolling
under the mellow winter sunlight
My eyes caught upon
A pink beauty, so heavenly, so divine
I saw the world
Rolling under the falling blossoms
Of the cherry blossom tree

Distinctively attractive
Against the green scenery
Terribly lonely
Instancing ethereal beauty in plenary
Overwhelmingly happy
To see me around
When she sweetly invited me
To listen to her old stories reknowned.

She is the pink beauty
Waving to the blue sky
The charming perfume of the blossoms
So muzzy, I musn’t deny.
The delicate pink petals
Of the dainty rosaceae
Fashioned like paper confetti
Perched upon like tiny candyfloss clouds
Oh cherry blossoms
You are the beauty of the humming bird!

She heard me graciously
Though pretty bashfully
And blushed like a cherry blossom blooms
The blossoms furry down whispering
Over my hair
And upon my overcoat
I picked a few
Kept one in my pocket
And brushed off the rest
To melt with the morning dew
What more beautiful
Than to get drenched
Under a cherry blossom fall?

Then the chilly wind
Ruffled upon my red cheeks
Blowing my hair strands
And few of the remaining blossoms
I understand the wind is her bosom friend
By the warm welcome both of them extend

Cherry blossoms all over my side
Like a pink carpet
Weaved with beauty and pride
I looked up and parted a smile
The precious moment cannot be described.

“I am just a beauty of this season
But the real beauty
Is eternal and omnipotent
I bloom to wither
And wither to bloom
Seldom come and visit my tomb
Untill next year,
When again would i bloom” 

  1. Tanumeeta says

    Loved the lines, “I bloom to wither, wither to bloom”❤️❤️

    1. Ritika says

      Thank you. Means a lot.

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