Have you ever felt
Pitch darkness?
If not,
Then close your eyes
You get suffocated
Now open your eyelids
Feel the rays of light
How good it feels
To be blessed with sight…

If it didn’t strike
Let me introduce you
To some lives
A little boy unaware about
“The colors of life”
A lady who has never seen
“Her child’s smile”
To see beauty
They didn’t have the vision in their eyes…

Our single pledge
And a simple try
A noble choice
To transform those lives
Don’t let your eyes
Turn into mud or ashes
Rather fill two lives
With vibrant colors and flashes…

Let your eyes continue to see
Even if you die
Your body may decay
But the eyes will shine
For the sake of humanity
Donate them—
As a gift of beauty
And your return for eternity…  

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