Self- Transcendence

Humans constantly endeavor to see a better version of them. Everybody is striving to achieve perfection, and in this process, one comes to know about oneself. Knowing self leads to enlightenment and purifies consciousness. Human beings possess the unique ability to connect with the timeless and infinite universe by self-contemplation. Self-contemplation leads the consciousness to rise to higher energy levels, free from all the attraction forces. There is supreme energy that is limitless, shapeless, and attributeless and continuously manifests itself in all the forms present in this universe. It is subtle and sublime.

The world is made of dualities. If there is the day, there is night. If there is heat, there is cold. If there is a virtue, there is a vice as well. If we see a rose bush, there are thorns, but it also has beautiful roses. The more we persevere in purifying our consciousness, the more we reach towards attaining perfection. Ultimately, we achieve happiness, an innate quality of all human beings and is not satiable.

Self- transcendence helps to channelize our energy in a positive direction. The darkness of ignorance is removed and illuminated with knowledge. One moves to the extraordinary realm by rising against all odds because human life is meant for continuous growth and progress.

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