Drawing without an Eraser

Whenever we learn to draw something, we make many mistakes, but by listening to our teacher, we rectify those mistakes, and slowly by practicing many times, we learn to draw perfectly. To draw an art without an eraser comes with experience. When seen broadly, life is nothing but a drawing without an eraser.

Life is packed with opportunities. In some, we excel, and in some, we fail. Whenever we excel, that means drawing is perfect, and whenever we fail, the drawing is imperfect. But there is a lot of difference between drawing a picture with a pencil on the drawing book and drawing life with permanent ink because the permanent ink leaves its mark; however, we try hard to erase it.

Although these can’t be erased yet, mistakes can be rectified by giving a new shape and dimension to the drawing. The same happens with life. Problems keep on approaching like the waves of a sea. Although they leave dark marks, they carve out a new person. Therefore, learning to rectify mistakes is the biggest blessing that one can receive.

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