Complexities of Life

Life is full of struggles. Some people understand this soon enough and some take a long time to realize this truth and learn to deal with it. It is true that “Time waits for none” and in the meantime, we lose our own virtue and personality trying to mingle in this beautiful yet complex life. The worst phase of life is the phase when we enter our adult life. Deciding a career and trying to fulfill our dreams requires a ton of work and we have to go through a lot of emotional stress which sometimes becomes really difficult to deal alone without any help from some expert. 

When a person tries to convey the feelings and the distress of his mind to someone, he is often considered to be “retard” or “mentally unstable”. Often misunderstood by people they are left alone to deal with their problems. When the problems reach their heights, either the person decides to end it at once and for all or just decides to leave everything including the world.

Being alone is the worst fear of a person. In a busy life with a fixed schedule, a person sometimes forgets the value of life, the charm of living life, and most importantly no matter how bad the time is, one day the happiness is still going to knock your doors and come to you.

People need to be motivated to live their lives, but we do have a smaller number of people who are willing to motivate us. The people who stand with us during our bad times are the ones who belong to us forever.

Not everyone can understand a person’s feelings or what the person goes through mentally. In the end, you are alone when you fight your battles. It makes you stronger both physically and mentally. No one can guarantee the amount of happiness or the time of arrival of good things in our lives, all we can do is wait and work for them to show up in our wrecked yet beautiful life. 

“Recovery is an evolution, not a miracle.”

  1. Jeeta dash says

    Beautifully ensembled!

    1. Alisha Nanda says

      Thank you so much, Jeeta.

  2. Alisha Nanda says

    Thank you.

    1. Limarani Nayak says

      Worth reading at this particular time. 👌

      1. Alisha Nanda says

        Thank you.

  3. Sasmita Mishra says

    Excellent narration. Keep on writing.😀

    1. Alisha Nanda says

      Thank you ma’am. I will.

  4. Reecha Mohapatra says

    True feelings of every adult expressed beautifully!! 👍👍 Keep it up dear.

    1. Alisha Nanda says

      Thank you so much.

  5. Anisha Nanda says

    Depicted the true picture of life. Wonderfully written.👍

    1. Alisha Nanda says

      Thank you dear.

  6. Anshika Jain says

    Beautiful and every bit is relatable. 👍

    1. Alisha Nanda says

      Thank you, Anshika. I understand.

  7. Ashutosh mishra says

    Wonderfull chronicle

    1. Alisha Nanda says

      Thank You, Ashutosh.

  8. Chirag says

    Inside one person there are so many different people, and quite often they’re at war with each other, and sometimes one of them is winning, and sometimes another. We’re all so hard to understand, aren’t we?

    1. Alisha Nanda says

      Yes. That’s something we need to deal ourselves. No one can help us with it. We are hard to understand. But again different perceptions play their roles.

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