The awe inspiring beauty
That he tries to paint
Embracing the deadly silent sight
Of the snowy wintery night

The winter portrait he paints
With perfect brush strokes,
He swifts with ease
Caring least about the freezing chilly breeze
Of the wintery wonderland
With the milky snow beneath

That massive tree stands alone
Amidst the snow laden ground
With dots of paints
In black and green
Topped with lacy white snow
So serene!
Then again the blend of grey and white
Of shadows and dazzles
In brilliant pristine light
Spreading their branches
Like fingers so high
It looks so blanched
But daintily white
Lovely it looks, he says with a sigh!
Crisp snowflakes
Twirling in the night
Waltzing in silent tunes
So mellow and light.
To and fro dusted with snow
Those heavy branches hanging so low
Wearing pearls of snow
Glimmering in the pale moonlight
Showering like diamonds
Under the lonely dark night

The winter scenery that he painted
With his palette of frozen dew
He stands and observes the splendid view
The magic that he created off late
Painting the snowy winter portrait

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