Fizzy wind
And the blushing sunshine
Upon the silhouette
Swings those in red, fuchsia and wine
Amidst the fascinating greenery
Those roses encasing beautiful scenery

And he flies above them all
Twittering and flickering
Fluttering and lingering
Pace fully and fearlessly
Spreading its brown feathers
Most abruptly!

Then again flapping its white little wings
And the yellow straw that it brings
Between its needle like beak
Swiftly Into the hole it slips
Safe and sound it lay
Sings the bright blossoms of May
Into the tiny bird house

Rolling its glittering gaze
Peeping out in utterly amaze
For calls him the sunlit sky
Once again perfectly would it fly?
I watch while they play
Cartwheeling in the airway
Different songs they sing
Of different tunes and beats
But definitely assuring their evening retreat

Me and my awaited eyes
Impatient for a glance of his
But he cares the least
For whom I am
And what I think
But I wait and wait
Until evening blankets in
And there he comes
In his most restless gait
It sings no more as it is already so late
My tired little soul of feathers
Back to the end of his tether

I shut my window in peace
What a dreadful silence it is!
As he is fast asleep
How I wish to freeze you in my thoughts
And paint my poem on skies of yours
As I still have the mental picture
Of that tiny bird house
And time has not caused it to fade out.

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