The Seasons of Trouble: A Touching Tale of Lives Ripped Apart

The Seasons of Trouble: Life Amid the Ruins of Srilanka’s Civil War is the debut work of the svelte Bangalore-based journalist Rohini Mohan. Though five years of undercover reporting, she puts together the post-LTTE life of Srilanka through the eyes of three protagonists: Sarva, a city-bred dreamer unknowingly pulled into the whirlpool of war; Indra, his middle-aged mother, pining for him in the complicated alleys of Srilankan Police and Bureaucracy and Mugil, a former child fighter for the LTTE, coming to terms with an alien post-war reality.

Through a beautifully controlled language, Mohini unravels the complex lives of her characters, bringing out expertly the unlikely mysteries of ordinariness. Though a non-fiction, the book has the heart of a novel. It also gives you a rare-look into the island country’s humanitarian crisis and the sad reality of a war’s collateral damage. It tugs at your conscience and makes you yearn for more.

A must read!

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