The Untold Story of Mother Teresa

“The Untold Story of Mother Teresa” is a biography written by Arup Chatterjee. It offers a critical perspective on the life and work of Mother Teresa, challenging some of the commonly held beliefs and presenting a more complex portrait of the renowned humanitarian figure.

The book delves into various aspects of Mother Teresa’s life, including her upbringing, religious convictions, and the establishment of the Missionaries of Charity. Chatterjee provides a detailed examination of the operations of the Missionaries of Charity, raising questions about the quality of care provided in the homes run by the organization .

Furthermore, the author critiques Mother Teresa’s relationships with influential figures and institutions, and he discusses controversies surrounding her canonization process. Chatterjee’s work also addresses the portrayal of Mother Teresa in the media and popular culture, shedding light on the discrepancies between the public image and the realities of her mission.

Overall, “The Untold Story of Mother Teresa” offers a thought-provoking and critical analysis of the life and legacy of this iconic figure, challenging conventional narratives and encouraging readers to consider a more nuanced perspective on Mother Teresa’s work. It’s important to note that this book reflects the author’s viewpoint and is one among various perspectives on Mother Teresa’s life and work.

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