How to Be Proud of India After Independence: A Guide for Young Indians

The word freedom has its own significance. Independence is both a freedom and responsibility. It is freedom to choose what we want to do and concurrently responsibility to act in the larger interest of society and the nation. It is being self- reliant. In present scenario many people say that India’s freedom struggles too polite and lame but I think it may appear so for the present younger generation because they have all freedom and few struggles.

Moreover, the freedom struggle was carried out by the real people in real time with their own sweat and blood and therefore would certainly look too polite and lame in the eyes of today’s brave key board warriors battling it out with utter impoliteness and blustery in their social media warfare with their imaginary opponents in the virtual world.

In today’s world we cannot really decide by ourselves, how India would   take shape, at what stage we would stand on the pedestal of prosperity and sustainability. None of us can easily decide these things. It is the Nation which would decide these things and only. This nation includes everyone whether poor or rich, young or old. Every citizen should think it as their responsibility to make India strong and prosperous. It is essential that every citizen should consider himself or herself as a soldier in this war of values.

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