Know Aids for No Aids

As we all comprehend, “Prevention is better than cure” the simplest therapy of any disease is understanding the disease. HIV/AIDS is the deadliest medical and social disease. This disease has a very short history, as it was first reported just 27 years ago, but its impact on the entire world is so deep that everyone panics even from its name. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the preliminary arena of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). Today, most folks know that HIV is transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal fluids from an infected person to another’s body. Or this might be transmitted from an infected mother to her child at the time of birth, within the womb or while breastfeeding. HIV is a very small and fragile virus, but the trauma is disastrous. We must know about the disease if we want to fight it out. The truth is we cannot avert the reality but we can aim to provide information on sexual health to young people as well as to elders, create public awareness and campaign about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and educate youth about the issues related to it, information is presented with detailed diagram and easy to understand language, valuable tools to empower people living with the disease, dispel myths surrounding to it and to fight prejudices surrounding people with the virus thus help prevent the spread of the disease.  We need to normalize spreading awareness to the public. As this disease has a social stigma attached, we should make people aware that this disease does not spread by handshake, sharing a toilet, eating sweats, circumcision, hugging, mosquito bite, etc. The best way to be free of this deadly disease is to follow your religion and not indulge in such activities where infectious risk is high, like unsafe sex and drug addiction. It is well said that “Youth are the face of a County”. The more we aim to Know about AIDS for No AIDS.

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