The Code of Belief

Faith is a greater force or rule that governs the entire cosmos equitably and seamlessly. It is a necessary part of our lives. Why is this so? Simply because we are born with limited physical capability, knowledge, and comprehension. We live with hope and ambitions because pessimism in the face of hardship destroys happiness and slows constructive effort. We are always in a state of want fulfillment. We strive, suffer, and endure to achieve our goals. But all we can do is work with our constraints within the current time frame and keep our hopes alive. This trust is the bedrock upon which hope is built.

Humans with limited comprehension and intellectual capacity are always prone to overlook a thing or two among the critical strands of information that decide correct actions. Remember that because all people are naturally restricted in their knowledge and intellect, they require a knowledge base of their heavenly creator by their side to accept instruction from and execute appropriate activities that would assure growth per their objectives. This, too, is a faith-based understanding. Many humans will deny and ignore the divine creator’s existence because he is an unseen, abstract, or esoteric being. However, logic-based religion persuades even unbelievers of the reality of the almighty creator and his tremendous power.

Faith founded on time-tested tradition creates optimism, while faith based on reasoning multiplies it tenfold. It provides us with a powerful tool for overcoming obscurantism, perplexity, and hardship. Because conventional actions-customs are experimental, blind faith based on tradition and herd behavior has its usefulness. Overall, faith is the most crucial component of human activity. It has the power to move mountains and to make the unthinkable and inconceivable happen right in front of our eyes. Why is this the case? Because it is the holy sensation that is elicited. Because it is an emotion that ties us to our creator’s endless, unlimited store of knowledge and power.

Hope is the driving force behind human development, and faith is the gasoline that keeps it going. Faith continually tells us that our honest efforts will not go unnoticed; that after today’s toil, delicious fruit of labor awaits us tomorrow; and that the turbulence and trauma of the present will certainly settle down to give way to stability and succor in the not-too-distant future. Bad days are always numbered, and every black cloud has a silver lining.

Today’s current scenario is a textbook example of obscurantism and disorientation in the face of hardship, with professedly scientific and political harangue at work. We are seeing a catastrophic epidemic that is affecting the health and economic position of the people, as well as a continual fog of uncertainty surrounding the origin of the pandemic-causing virus. Several views are circulating concerning the most expeditious way to lessen the consequences of the epidemic. Even conspiracy theories regarding the pathogen’s origin are gaining traction, casting serious doubt on the efficacy of existing approaches to combating it.

Among all the hypotheses and beliefs about the epidemic that are currently being observed, logic-based human confidence in the return of better, healthier, and happier days retains strong ground. The key is faith. It will inevitably pull humanity out of the current quagmire. It needs to because the creator wants his universe and his subjects to be happy and healthy, overcome obstacles, and develop and evolve. Thus, faith is the driving force behind all human activities that impact human health, happiness, development, evolution, and emancipation.

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  1. Plabani says

    Well written 👏

  2. Liza sahoo says

    It’s true faith moves mountains

  3. Sanjaya Sahu says

    Very good article

  4. Sanjeeb Kumar Sahu says

    Well written. Hope and faith keep us going everyday inspite of many challenges and creat wonders with our limited knowledge and physical capability.

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