Standing there in utter silence
 Life unfolds before her eyes,
When she comes just a little
Closer to the truth of life.

She had always known, somehow
That everything that starts shall end,
Here she stands and counts the faults
Which she didn’t try to mend.

Worrying in silence,
She smiles to hide her pain and says
 ‘I’ve made peace with reality
And learnt to live with my malaise’

Promises to keep her life
 As far away from her child,
The misery she had caused herself
Shall not harm her kind.

Will she stay or will she leave
 It all behind and go?
 In her state of malaise she still
Finds solace in one thing or more.

All the colors in the rainbow
When the sky was blue.
But she loved it in the storm
When the clouds were black, a little grey too.

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  1. Sutikshan Muni Mishra says

    Thoughts are an asset….nice one…

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