September 4th, 2020. It was just 6 months since we knew what COVID 19 is all about. Nobody knew about it and of course nobody knows about how harsh it is, until you get through it.

So 6 months after our COVID 19 break from college, a time came where the world was experiencing a severe spike in the number of cases per day and all the frontline officers, doctors and staffs were fighting against all odds day and night.

Yes, my father is a police officer who did the same. His unending day and night efforts to protect the world he was responsible for, resulted in him getting the virus.

He did not get any symptoms but I got flu from 1st of September which continued till 4th September and so was with my mom. My dad till then did not have any symptoms but on the 3rd September night suddenly he got high temperature. All of us were surprised and tensed and the first thing that came to our mind, was getting tested for COVID 19. The next day soon, he went for the test and he was tested positive and as the process stated everyone who were in contact, had to undergo the test. And hence, me and my mom too were tested and not to our surprise, we were positive too.

Since then life took us to a moment where we were enclosed in a house with not even opening of windows. Me being a claustrophobic, it was too difficult for me to be inside a house for 15 days. My father had severe symptoms like high fever, sore throat, nausea and cough. He is a diabetic person and same goes for my mother. So for me, reading news on social media daily and getting headlines about death cases, really got me tensed. The symptoms stayed with my father till 11th September and he started recovering. But then, my symptoms got back and I got high temperature.

Till 15th September, tough times held our hands and we faced a lot of difficulties as there were no home inspection provided nor any medical help was available. But I sincerely thank all my friends who supported and boosted me morally and helped me get doctor assistance through calls.

We as a family of a police officer always stay prepared for all this, so this was not shocking for us. I stayed away from social media to refrain myself from bad news and it actually worked.

I took few weeks to recover fully and in that course of time many of my online classes were missed, but anyhow I got myself a comeback, now, stronger than ever.

“Difficulties in life doesn’t knock your door, take your permission and come in…They are like the distant relatives who you don’t like, but still have to deal with”

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  1. Nikha Tibrewal says

    You had conveyed your message very nicely👍
    I hope you and your parents are good now.

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