Realising our Inner Biases!

As the attacker has taken a deep rooted hearth for itself and embarked into the arena of our personal space ruling mankind under the rage of fear, trauma, anguish; it’s become really essential to arouse our inner biases sleeping inside us. In the contrary many of us are venturing to go out as the majority of us suffer from “Optimism Bias” and “Overconfidence bias” as mentioned in the theory of Behavioural finance.

There are some soft souls claiming utter fidget for staying locked, or rather staying safe! We find them struggling through the lockdown phases and claiming assumptions assuring that ‘ nothing can harm them’. Now, that’s mainly because “they haven’t experienced the tragedy nor have been a part of it”. It’s not that going out is their choice but is a compulsion. But many of the lot are going out with a predominant feeling of so called optimism bias.

This is where the Optimism Bias is at play. It is the belief that each of us is more likely to experience good outcomes and less likely to experience bad outcomes. 

The key to optimism bias is that we disregard the reality of an overall situation because we think we are excluded from the potential negative effects. So, it’s nonetheless a psychological trap and sadly enough, we are taking the bait!

We need to Remember -“A million deaths is a statistics. But one death is a tragedy.”

Our mind responds to one relatable incident that thousand unrelated stories. We may overlook the tragic news of say, 10,000 death cases, but the demise of someone we know can blow us out. Correlating to the deceased soul’s stories and emotional connections bring converse conclusions, however the tragedy of a million deaths is indifferent to our psyche. This is another psychological trap.

So, here’s the bottom-line we should stand at;

Relaxed social norms are a blunt theory. The ultimatum demands to stay alert, cautious and extra vigilant, as if it’s still an “EMERGENCY”, because it still is……either by choice or by compulsion!

Abnormal is the new normal today. A forethought of our actions can help our reinforced immunity to fight the daily battles against the challenger of mankind. As an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, a weak mental state is their banquet hall! So, one needs to detangle all the prejudices and keep them in the safest possible zone.

Therefore Going outside is only if it’s crucial. And following all precautions is not just a matter of choice but an obligation which has to be performed as one’s duty with utmost priority.

Creating compassionate feeling is now what matters the most.

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  1. Thalari SanjeevKumar says

    Really worth reading. Few terms look very fresh nd indeed interesting to know. I wish many more articles from your end. Good Luck Men. May your hardworking bless You more height in your academic and personal life.

  2. Dr. Shikta Singh says

    Thank you so much sir.

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