The Two Rivers

As we thus sit here
At the confluence
Watching these two rivers
Flowing into and
Out of each other,
Will you not let me say
How exactly
I feel by your side?

Hanging next to you
Is like being an aerial root
Of an old banyan
Not seeking the sky but the earth
Having braved eons of
stormy blasts rising
From all directions of hell and heaven

Watching you notice
The farthest little things
Is to see an infant babbling
Endlessly into
The oblivion because
It sees things others don’t

Trading a smile is like sipping home tea
After being away for too long

As we thus sit here
At this confluence
The rivers shy away
Like whispering ghosts
Not looking for the right words anymore

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  1. Ritika says

    What a lovely and deep thought you have framed ma’am. Absolutely loved reading it.

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