It’s the Time of Her Arrival

When the soft golden rays

Falls placidly upon the

White feathery kans grasses

The ochre rays slyly peering out

Against the clear blue autumn sky

Then my heart slowly paces up

My smile widens into everlastingness

As this is the time

When my soul enlightens with over-gushing glee

It’s time for her arrival

The ingress of Mahalaya!

With strokes of black and white

He draws those beautifully cindering gleaming eyes

That undefined entrancing beauty she is!

The purest bride is now vising her family

Lights lit up with the colours of vividness

She lands with her victorious chariot

Over the cushioned bed of scattered shiuli

The faint redolence of the blossoms

Blends with the reverberating rhythms of the inviting Dhakas!

The city dresses itself with glory

The sunken hearts will blurt out

Once again in rejuvenating happiness

The glimmering hopes will shine bright with the ochre sunrise

The divine heavenly haze

Of the Dhunochi billowing up

The air caught up by the laughter of women

Draped in red and white

Graciously smearing shades of vermillion and crimson

Our purest bride is ready for her earthly abode!

– Ritika Chatterjee, MBA II

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