The terrace top we played in,the old verandah we drooled upon,the corridors we ran about,and the touch of our grandparents in that big lively house,are now just a memory…though happy ones,but still a memory… This is the visaged truth of

Happy International Men’s Day

"Starting from my Dad, who created me, to my better half who creates love for me in everything! A girl first learns to trust a man when she sees her father, who always keeps her trust… She gets introduced to her brother, in form


Whenever you are in need,There is exactly no one to close the lid.It is then you realize,The days are yours to seize. Alone you walk into this world,Lonely the path will be;Better to stand alone,Then to stray away with others'


Oh, Mornings,You are cool, serene, and peacefulYour flirting, soothing breeze;Gazing through my inner soulCalming its’ strenuous mind... Oh, Mornings,Why don't you stay a little longer?Why can't the day wait a little while?Why can't we