The Country is Bleeding!

When you look around yourself with an honest pair of eyes, you will realize how injured our country is. Men, women, and children are struggling for food, shelter, for clothes. They are struggling to live. Men are trying to feed their families, women are trying to protect their dignity, and children are trying to receive the minimum education. Meanwhile, we are focusing on the political games, the religious wars, and the Bollywood chaos. It is as if we are all shutting one eye to avoid seeing the real problems and keeping the other eye glued to the television screen to see what the “news channels” show us. The blame game for the situation of the country is way too strong. We are all blaming the government while the government blames us. Is this the solution? We all want a change; we want our fellow citizens to have a quality life. But are we doing anything about it? It is time for us all to step up. It is time for us to see that no one around us sleeps with an empty stomach. It is time for us to see that women around us feel safe. It is time for us to see that every child’s innocent smile stays alive. IT IS TIME; let’s make this world a better place.

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