An Interview of Rinku Taunk – World Record Holder in Yoga by Sailesh Mishra, Firstcut, Media Club of KSOM

There is absolutely no denying to the fact that Yoga is a necessity, whether it be for healthy life, or be it for a healthy mind. FirstCut – KSOM’s Media Club sat with someone who is a magician in the craft.

Rinku Taunk, a Master degree student of School of Yoga, KIIT Deemed to be University, has inscribed her name in the Yoga World Book for

1) The Longest Performance of Dhyana Virasana

2) The Longest Performance of Gupta Padmasana and 

3) Most Performance of Padmasana in Different Yoga Postures.

Within a span of only a year, she has made three world records by her dedication, hard work and perseverance. She is also a TedX speaker, an author and has been practicing yoga for a decade now. She is one of the finest in the country when it comes to practicing Yoga. A Master’s Student of KIIT School of Yoga, she spoke to Mr. Sailesh Mishra, MBA student of KSOM & Coordinator of FirstCut She tells us about her achievements and why Yoga makes her tick.

Tell me about your achievements

Achievements are not rewards, money , prize , awards or certificates for me , I believe if a human has lived a very satisfying life, nothing can be more rewarding.

As per official records, my achievements are :

1. 3 World record holder by ABYM YOGA BOOK OF RECORDS

2. Rashtrapati award in Bharat Scouts & Guides

3. Young Author Awardee for the book Jigisha

4. Motivational speaker at TEDx

More than these are the blessings and smiles I earned counselling people in depression, undergoing abuses and harassments.

What is World Yoga day for you ?

Yoga for me is union with God, with our supreme soul, with our body and mind. Connection between all these things is Yoga. So it should not be a routine or priority, it should be a lifestyle . Healthy lifestyle is our birth right, we should get it. So celebrating Yoga a single day doesn’t make sense for those who practice daily . Still it’s important for the awareness and awakening of people who are still not aware of good health, balanced mind and senses and hence living in a diseased body and ill mind. It’s also necessary that all people of a country should be healthy both physically and mentally to contribute their part to their family , the society and their country .

What does Yoga mean to you ?

Yoga means “YUJ“- summation of body, mind and soul. Also it is a discipline that everyone should follow as they do all other necessary works like eating, sleeping , excretion etc. As I already said it should be a lifestyle rather than a rule to follow. Yoga is again the path to spirituality. It is the only way through which we can discover ourselves, our potential, our purpose of living and our priorities. Yoga doesn’t at all mean a set of postures bending and twisting head and leg in different ways. Yoga includes, Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana. Also it includes the amount of emphasis, love and consciousness we invest in our daily day to day works.

Tell us why should everyone practice it?

Everyone should do it to keep a healthy body and peaceful mind, to get control over the emotions (sadness, happiness, anger or excitement), to concentrate properly in your work, to perform them happily and heartily and to maintain a balance between inner and outer world. It also helps to maintain balance in relations and always keeps you calm and happy. When you are physically fit, you will look good , when you are mentally fit you will behave good . But when you are fit in both ways you can conquer all your weaknesses, diseases and disturbances.

You are an idol for everyone pursuing Yoga in the country. What message do you have for them?

I am still in learning process, yet to learn many things in life. I just want to say to the future of our country, “If you love what you do, you are in a right track, but if you have to do what you don’t want to, put some love into it, and still if you are not liking it, practice yoga everyday so that you will find the way that keeps you happy. No amount of money, no quantity of food or no value of materialistic things can keep you happy for ever. It is the inner peace that keeps you happy. 

The ultimate goal of our life is Happiness for which we all are struggling choosing different ways. Yoga keeps you happy and healthy in all situations and makes you capable to fight all the struggles of life. There is only one life, we should live it to the fullest and to live it we should love it. If you practice Yoga, you will love your life.

Thank You Ma’am for reminding us about the Magic of Yoga. Wishing everyone a Happy Yoga Day.

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  1. Sailesh+Mishra says

    Brilliant!. Kudos to Rinku Ma’am

  2. Pratyush says

    Thank you Rinku Madam for giving us a beautiful clarification about yoga and how to lead a successful life

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