Leisurely Places – The Puri Beach and Puri-Konark Marine Drive

As the night ends, the sun rises and opens up a new page of our life. The coolness in the air of the early mornings, the smell of the new opening buds and the chirping of the birds might tempt us to steal a day and give ourselves a break from the routine life.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the urbane city life, seldom do we find a place to standby, a heart to share and a time to sit. Each morning gives us a new beginning, a new thinking and a new set of activities to work with.  But if we take out some time for ourselves to enjoy with you family, what do we do? We might plan for a weekend out to take a trip to the nearby places. 

Well, if we happen to live in and around Bhubaneswar, we might want to visit the Puri Beach or go to the Puri-Konark Marine drive.

Away from the chaos and in the laps of nature’s own creations, there is a serene beauty of natural hues bundled with purity. The sound of the rustling winds, the chirping birds, the restless sea waves fill our minds with divine purity and freshness. The Puri beach has lots to offer to each person who visits there. One might want to stroll along the seaside, follow a crab to its hole, collect sea shells, and solve pieces of mystery from what comes with the sea waves or create a sand art. The sea beach has lots to offer to each passerby. The deep blue tides with its forceful tides have hidden treasures unearthed from centuries immemorial. Let’s all keep this beauty alive by doing our part of keeping the beaches clean whenever we visit.

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