COVID19 has led us to a revolution where all our wealth that we were proud of has no value, all the social contacts that we were fond of has no value. This has literally shattered us to an extent that we could never have imagined of. The impact of this severe pandemic has been so brutal that it has affected the entire world and we are locked down.

I being a very socially active person is finding it very difficult to cope up with this lockdown. It feels like a nightmare when I think of the past 2 months. Definitely it is equally difficult for everyone but I see all this as a fact of matter. When 2 months ago, being social was a way of distressing ourselves, now, it is avoided to save ourselves.

When someday back children were asked to go out and play, now, they are asked to stay home. These small impacts have been so affective to the people, that they feel jailed now. In this hard phase, the colleges and universities have been so constructively advantageous that they are conducting online classes and that has been very effective. KIIT School of Management is also not away of this. Regular classes, informative session and many other online events and quizzes are conducted to keep us busy.

Families have slowly started accepting the lockdown by watching Ramayan and Mahabharat telecasts.

With all these downturn, our brave medical staffs, police officers and other administrators are working hard to prevent and stop the spread of this virus.

This situation makes me sometimes wonder, what is life with all those wealth and society when we do not have a chance to live? We go to temples to pray for everything we want, but now we are restricted to go to the same temples. Are we even praying the right god? Should we not start praying them who are actually fighting out for our survivals.

Life has turned to such a point where definitions of life, love, money, peace have changed absolutely. This will certainly come down to a control, but what we learn from this is what stays forever.

All I can say is your life is just in your hands. Stay healthy, stay safe and let’s come back soon!

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