My three years at KSOM

Little did I know that when I stepped on the campus for the first time, 3 years back, that my life will change so much, and that too for the better.

The first thing that amused me was the attention that was being given to each student including me. Every student has one assigned mentor faculty who would be their mentor from the beginning till the end. It was like a guiding hand who helped track my progress, work upon my weak points and gave me a guru-shishya bond to be cherished forever.

KSOM has an extremely positive and encouraging environment with supportive seniors. It feels like a second home. With many events and social gatherings conducted every now and then, this bond kept on becoming stronger. The events included dandiyas nights, Holi, Diwali celebration and so much more. I was a proud member of Club Sanskriti hence I even enjoyed organizing such events.

In today’s world, exposure is the key and it is considered to be the new competitive advantage. KSOM knows that. I haven’t seen any college in Odisha that organizes so many conclaves, conferences, seminars and many othe forms of corporate interactions for their students. Every day felt like a new opportunity to organize, plan, or execute something. Even the first years are encouraged to participate and organize.

We didn’t release what we were learning while we were having so much fun! Three years at KSOM passed by in the blink of an eye. I feel confident today looking back on how far I’ve come, I know that I have what it takes to thrive in business.

Thank you KSOM for shaping my life. It is now the time to shape our future.
Harsh Tekriwal, Alumina, is now heading to pursue MBA in family business after completing his BBA in KSOM. An avid learner, leader and with a keen eye for business operations and management, he has been a wonderful student and an active participant in college activities. He has also been a part of the organising committee of various conclaves and fests. He loves to lead and carries an aim to grow and engage in his family business of Real Estate and Builder. He opines that studying in KSOM has helped paved his way to pursue his masters in SP Jain Business School.

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