Tiny Tales of Mine

1)Someday, I’ll tell you about the today that I had

How Today I spoke out loud when they tried to diminish my existence
How everything that I tolerated was addressed as just a silly matter
How I fought to make them understand that these silly matters have cumulatively made it a terrible matter
How I had to be loud and coarse to make them listen, about my ask for my freedom of choice, on things I wear to things I eat
How I had to be the loudest person so that the numerous other loud voices can finally get to hear me.
How I had to accept my fate that it’s my destiny to be a strong woman so that this today will be a someday of the past

Someday, I’ll tell you about the today that I had

2) He was Different

He’d stay out till late to see the sunrise, climb the mountains and run wild amongst the trees
He’d tried all fixes to benumb his senses while he travelled through all the cities of the world
But some nights when he sits out by the side of a fire that he made, he can’t help but think that while he was out exploring the world he forgot to create his own
Yes, he was different
but how he wished to be the same

3) Did I have to be this way?

I’ve been torn apart and stitched up so many times that it’s difficult to find the trace of my original piece
I’m not saying that because of the tears on me I’m weak

Nor am I saying that because of the stitches I’m strong
My only question is, Did it have to be this way?
Wasn’t there an easier path to stay tight and strong and unsullied?
Can I be that unblemished self please, where no one can find the traces of blood that oozed out when I got torn or the marks of my gashes after I got stitched?

4) Be Seen, Not Heard

Be seen not heard, they say.
Sometimes subtle and sometimes in not so subtle way
They want the version of you that they prefer.
Sometimes they’d look at you and say, why can’t you be more cheerful, you always seem so pensive
Then some other times they’d say, why are you so excited, calm your horses once in a while
Sometimes they’d make a face at you and say, you know you always look so made up, can’t you be more natural
And some other times, you are just too drab for them to introduce you to their friends and family
But never did they ever hear why today, you are the way you are
‘Coz to them, you are just to be seen and not heard.

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