She who has many forms, 

She who plays many roles, 

She who is unapologetic,

She who doesn’t hold back her thoughts, 

She who refuses to live in a fanciful world you promise her so vaguely, 

She the nurturer of life, will always stand for what’s right, 

She is the woman of the new world, unperturbed by the labels society tags her to. 

Most of us are raised by strong but dependent women, who “learned” to keep their wishes confined in glass boxes, distinctly visible but fragile. They were “taught” to keep their priorities at bay and take care of other’s first. 

We, the women of today, are raised by those strong Female forces who knew how to sacrifice, love, protect with a smile. 

Every women out there who you meet has a story so unique and stingingly beautiful, stories capable of being written and preserved for ages to come. They’re eyes and rough yet soft  loving hands speak of those tales they preserve so dearly in them. 

How lucky we are to be raised by women with such strong will power and endurance. 

They taught us to be what we are, fearless. 

They taught us to be US, and do so without being guilty. 

They taught us to be strong, independent and fierce, without having to justify our wishes and ways. 

They taught us to be a rose with all of it’s thorns and be complete with it’s fragrance. 

They taught us to be all this and much more but gracefully. 

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  1. Aharnis says

    Great post! Bhumija’s writing style is fascinating and easy to follow, making it a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing such. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

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